Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Dawai

Welcome to the Terms & Conditions of ‘Dawai’. It is an arrangement between you and ‘Dawai’. Please go through the below-mentioned Terms of Service carefully. If you want continue to access our services, click on the “I Accept” button to signify, you have read all the terms specified and you agree to all of them.

User’s Consent

You hereby wholly pronounce that you without any force, influence, or manoeuvring with your concern completely abide by the terms of this platform. You admit the reality that if any dispute arises in the future regarding the query, or the usage of Dawai in terms of services delivered under this agreement, the jurisdiction can file lawsuits against you.

You share your assent that if anything happens under your account or password, you will be the person in responsibility. We’ll not be responsible for the damage caused due to any failure under your account or password. If we find any breach of our policies, we hold the right to suspend the account or alter the password. You agree that for such conflict the grievance will take place in Delhi court only.

Termination terms

The terms will remain in execution whether you are a visitor or a member of Dawai. You can stop being a member of the platform any time by writing to us to cancel the membership.

Dawai can terminate your account for any reason after sending you termination notice at the email address you provide. If we terminate your membership because of violating the agreement policies, you will not be served the refund of any subscription fees that remain unused.

We can modify our stated terms whenever we want with or without any reason or suspend the services you have taken. Any cancellation can be done with or without stating any reason. You comprehend that we can any time without prior informing can hold back your access to our services.

Eligibility to service use

Any user who has membership to our platform will be void if restricted from our end. Your usage of our platform symbolizes that you have the right to use this platform and you agree to the terms of our services.

Copyright Policy

You have no right to post, restructure, or disperse any of our copyright content or any trademarks without prior agreement in writing from the owner of all such rights. If you find that your created content have been copied on our platform in a way that confirms its breaching, please inform our Copyright owner sharing details like -

• e-signature by the official person on owner’s behalf,

• details of the copyrighted work that you claim to be infringed,

• your contact information, your email address, your physical address,

• details of the content used by you at any platform, and

• your statement under penalty of fraud.

Refund Policy

All the refunds will be done after other than the charges the respective bank or any payment gateway has collected, or any other suggested charges. If multiple payments are done, then full refund will be made after exempting the price of our service.


All the trademarks on logos, images, content, etc displayed on the platform are the trademarks owned by the platform. You are not allowed to exploit, replicate, or republish any of the properties owned by the platform for personal or commercial use.

If you need any clarification on any service or policies, you can contact us.