About Us

Why dawai?

dawai.io stop destination for all your medical and healthcare needs Tired of rushing to the stores of chemists daily for purchasing your medicines. What if you not get it on time or get it late? It sounds so dangerous, but now you can get your these needs fulfilled with dawai.iom. Here, we have all your medicines which you can get easily by uploading your doctor’s prescription. In short, it has become simply game of a few mobile or web browsing hours. Provide genuine and unadulterated medicines

In low-income countries like India, the supply of adulterated and fake medicines is a very common problem. With the aim of eliminating these serious problems, we have opened an open platform to cater to all the medicinal needs of the customer. Our online chemist store dawai.iom is open 24/7 and deliver your medicines right at your doorstep. All the medicines we have are fully genuine and unadulterated which are brought directly from the manufacturers. Apart from this, you can also shop your personal and health care products at the best price. Here, you can shop all your needs at great discounts. Make your shopping easier and reliable with Curerick from the comfort of your home with the quick doorstep delivery.

Keep shopping hassles at a bay

Shopping was never been so easier with the online store and we have taken the best advantage of it. Now all your medicines and other daily care and healthcare products are just a click away from you. Including this, we have made it a bit easier with our easy payment system. You can make your payments with our Curerick wallet and COD as well. Both are the convenient methods and you can pick any of these two for your convenience.